2015 Global MC Conference in Turkey

The Second Global Member Care Conference 2015 in Turkey

February 9-13, 2015, in Antalya, Turkey

February 9-13, 2015, in Antalya, Turkey

Venue: The conference will take place at the very nice ANTEDON GARDEN HOTEL in Antalya, Turkey. Due to off-season, we were able to negotiate an amazing price.

Theme: Member Care in Hard Places

To register: https://www.regonline.com/builder/site/?eventid=1574817

The conference starts at 4 pm and includes dinner on Monday, Feb 9. It ends with lunch on Friday, Feb 13.
Please schedule travel arrangements with margin, to include all the sessions/meals.

Early-bird Registration (closes Nov 15) Full Conference 380 USD (shared room) , 492 USD (single room) (Early-bird registration closes November 15, 2014) Must pay in US dollars, on line!

Late Registration Fee (closes Jan 7)
Full Conference 410 USD (shared room) , 522 USD (single room), (Registration will stay open until the conference reaches capacity of 400 participants or January 7, 2015)

Frequently Asked Questions : http://www.globalmembercare.com/fileadmin/user_upload/2014/20140917%20FAQ%20for%20GMCC.pdf

GMCN Conference Fees and Refund Policy: http://www.globalmembercare.com/fileadmin/user_upload/2014/RefundPolicy.pdf

- In addition 25 US$ one-way (50 US$ return) taxi transport to and from the airport will be charged extra.
- Also optional is a scholarship fund donation for you to support approved scholarship applicants.

Add bonus value to your conference by registering for one of the 3 optional events before and after the Conference.

  • Pre-conference - Hostage Crisis and Critical Incident Management Training with Phil Harper. February 7-9, 2015, @ conference hotel in Antalya, Turkey.
  • Post-conference - Seven Churches of Revelation Tour, February 14-18, depart from Conference Hotel. Ends in Izmir !!! NOT in Antalya
  • Post-conference - Individually Guided Spiritual Retreat Feb. 14 -Feb 17, @ conference hotel in Antalya, Turkey.

Contact sue(at)globalmembercare.com for full information.

Theme: Member Care in Hard Places


  • Member care in the context of suffering
  • Member care in the context of persecution
  • Sending to hard places – the role of the local church in member care
  • Being effective in hard places

Aims and Objectives
The conference is designed to

  • be an encouragement to the many international Christians working in difficult or isolated circumstances in the Middle East, Arab World, and Central Asia.
  • stimulate, serve and network member care initiatives in the Middle East, Arab World, and if possible also Central Asia.
  • give excellent theological grounding
  • offer wisdom and revelation, practical advice and experience for and from those working in hard places

After the great success of the 2012 Thailand conference, we now made reservations for 400 participants.

Prayer & Intersession Team
We just started a conference prayer and intersession team. In case you want to join this virtual team, please write to harry(at)globalmembercare.com

We also now started to contact high quality speakers from around the world.
And we will post updates on our conference website
and on facebook

see list of speakers below

any inquiries contact Sue at sue(at)globalmembercare.com

Speakers and Presenters

Karen Carr
Karen Carr is with Barnabas International and has lived and worked in West Africa for the past 14 years serving as Clinical Director of Mobile Member Care Team (www.mmct.org). Karen trained as a Clinical Psychologist in Virginia and feels honored to serve cross cultural workers along with her team through counseling, training, consulting, and mentoring. Some of the trainings Karen has helped to develop are in the areas of crisis, resilience, transitions, and cross cultural teams. She occasionally likes to write articles on these topics. Karen enjoys anything related to water, hiking, birding, good humor, reading good books, talking to good friends, drinking coffee, eating chocolate, and listening to instrumental music.

Ravi David
Ravi David is from Bangalore, India and serves as an educator, administrator, counsellor and professor of Practical Theology. He has served as the Secretary of the Bible Society of India (Karnataka State) and as South Asia Regional Secretary/Director of IFES and SGM. Ravi currently divides his time equally between formal academic teaching and missional member care. He serves as adjunct Professor of Pastoral Theology and Counselling in India and Indonesia besides facilitating the member care track of the India Missions Association (IMA)and The Mission Society (USA).
As a reflective practionner, Ravi seeks to facilitate wholeness (shalom) in the lives of individuals, families and leaders, both nationally and internationally.
Ravi has a PhD in Practical Theology from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. His research was on pastoral care for mission leaders.

Emma Dipper
Emma is Programme Manager with "Release International - Voice of persecuted Christians" http://www.releaseinternational.org , working with persecuted communities with a focus on women, building resilience against persecution and helping people exposed to oppression and trauma. She has served in various parts of Africa and Afghanistan, has worked in member care for Tearfund, and teaches regularly at All Nations Christian College (UK).

Phil Harper

Phil is an International Hostage Negotiator and Crisis Management Trainer, and Founder of Sheep100 dedicated to finding the ‘lost sheep’ and bringing them safely home.
Phil is one of the first in his field to invest his vast experience in delivering to humanitarian and faith based Non-Government organisations (NGO) specialist training to prevent and prepare for any critical incident - through to advice during a ‘live’ on-going crisis. He is a former senior law enforcement officer, trained to the highest operational standards as a Multi-Agency Gold, Critical Incident and Strategic Firearms Commander.
A former member of the UK negotiator cadre, a contributor to the International Negotiator Working Group and Chief Executive of the Police & Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire. A celebrated trainer of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Anti-Hi-jack Unit, the National Crisis Emergency & Disaster Management Agency UAE, Australian Federal Police, German BKA, Dubai, Swiss & Estonian Security Forces.
Decorated in 2010 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for 32 years service to policing, deployments as an International hostage negotiator on behalf of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and for charitable works in NGO crisis management. He continues to be deployed to hostile environments working in multi-national government teams around the world and has numerous testimonials of successful involvement at all levels to secure hostage releases.

Dr Debbie Hawker

Dr Debbie Hawker and her husband David are clinical psychologists and missionaries (see www.resilientexpat.co.uk). They have served short-term in many different countries. They are based in the UK, from where they seek to support missionaries and their families around the world. They offer assessments, training, debriefing, consultations, supervision, mentoring and retreats. Debbie has written many books, chapters and journal articles, including recently co-editing the book 'Single Mission: Thriving as a single person in cross-cultural ministry'. Debbie is on the board of the Global Member Care Network, and is a trustee for Penhurst Retreat Centre and for Xenos (a charity supporting the children of missionaries). She also provides training for many NGOs and the United Nations. She is a lecturer at All Nations Christian College. Debbie and David have a 7-year-old ‘Missionary Kid’, Jamie, who has taught them that theories don’t always work in practice!

Tim Herbert

Tim is a professional administrator who spent five years working as an administrator in southern Africa and has made numerous short-term missions trips to Africa, Asia and South America, including leading summer teams. He founded Syzygy Missions Support Network in 2004 to provide member care and practical resources for mission workers. A lifelong single, he has discovered the joy of being fruitfully single and fulfilled in Christ. Tim is also passionate about hiking, skiing and watching England play cricket.

Harry Hoffmann
Yes, I have degrees. And Yes, I have roles and titles. But let me share what I am passionate about:
- I am passionate about 'conflict'. I actually love interpersonal and intercultural team conflicts (as long as they are not my own). I love to help people face, address, and work through them. Conflict to me is closely related to the topic justice and trauma.
- I am passionate about 'your unique purpose'. Too many people I meet live in a gap between 'what is now' and 'their promised land', in relation to their unique calling, and contribution for HIS kingdom. When ever my senses pick up this gap in individuals, teams and even nations, I get really sad and I start 'burden bearing intercessory prayer', another passion of mine.
- I am passionate about 'entrepreneurship', setting up centers and infrastructures, which help empower, restore and facilitate people's/ministry's purpose and calling for HIS kingdoms sake. In particular within the realm of member care and counsel as Mission.

Darlene Jerome
Darlene Jerome has enjoyed life and ministry in Africa for over 25 years. The last 15 she has been blessed to serve with wonderful teammates on the Mobile Member Care Team (www.mmct.org), based in West Africa. Darlene is currently MMCT's International Coordinator and her joys are coaching leaders and member care facilitators; training and mentoring trainers; networking and sharing resources. She also enjoys music, cooking, learning and hanging with good friends. She looks forward to seeing old friends and making new ones at the Global MC Conference!

Marion Knell

  Marion Knell has worked for many years with Global Connections in the UK. She previously worked with her husband Bryan for Arab World Ministries and they have 3 adult children and are now grandparents. Marion is the author of well-known books such as "Families on the Move" and "Burn-up or Splash-down". Marion is on the Leadership Team at Global Member Care Network, course leader of MA in member care at Redcliffe College, and Chair of the Board at Redcliffe College, UK.

Sarah Lanier
  Sarah Lanier grew up, a TCK, in Israel. It was there that she received her call to work with cross cultural field workers.
She has a degree in Social Work from the University of Georgia, and a masters in Religious Education from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, with a focus on Missionary personnel and leadership.
After working for two years with the Baptist Home Mission Board in the US, in orientation of Mission Service Corps volunteers, joined YWAM. She served on the leadership team of YWAM Amsterdam from 1982 to 1994, where she pioneered membercare, staff and leadership development, and personnel services.
From 1986 until 2005 she taught and coached in a field base three month course, for leaders of non-Western nations.
After spending a year in Chile, being coached by a Latin lawyer and M, Ricardo Rodriguez, she wrote the book "Foreign to Familiar, A Guide to Hot and Cold Climate Cultures" which is now in 11 languages.
She consults with teams and agencies around the world, intercultural team leadership, organizational transition, strategy and mediation.
She is an associate staff member of Le Rucher in France where she works in debriefing and training others in debriefing and leadership development. She works with the University of the Nations as a mediator, consultant and trainer.

Antonia Leonora van der Meer
I am Brazilian, from a Dutch Background. I served as staff of the Brazilian student movement ABU (IFES). For ten years (1984-1995) I served as missionary in Angola (Marxist government, country at war). I was sent by IFES, served the Evangelical Alliance and helped to organize a student movement. I returned to serve as Teacher, Dean and Principal of the Evangelical Missions Center in Viçosa, Brazil, from 1996 to 2013. I am part of Interserve Brazil since we started this ministry in August 2003. I helped to start and continue committed to Cuidado Integral do Missionário (member care in Brazil). I have a B.A. in Languages, did a Diploma in Missions at All Nations Christian College (UK), a Masters in Theology at the Faculdade Teológica Batista de São Paulo and a Doctorate in Missiology in the Philippines, at the Asia Graduate School of Theology. I have published several articles in Christian Magazines, in Global Missiology for the 21st Century, in the Brazilian version of Perspectives, and Doing Member Care Well, in The Dictionary of Mission Theology, published by IVP, and in the Atlas of Global Christianity, published in 2010. I was one of the editors of Sorrow and Blood, of the Missions Commision of the World Evangelical Alliance. I wrote several books in Portuguese on Inductive Bible Study (ABUEditora), my own missionary story (Eu, um Missionário?) and a book on caring for Missionaries in Contexts of Suffering (Missionários Feridos).

Belinda Ng
  Belinda Ng is a missionary with SIM International who served in Niger Republic from 1977 to 1989 with her husband, Andrew in medical missions. They raised their two sons in Africa. Belinda then served as Personnel Director in the SIM East Asia sending office for 16 years. Besides mobilization and recruitment she is much involved in caring for the Asian missionaries sent out to South America, Africa and Asia.
As Personnel Director, she worked closely with sending churches from the onset in the screening and selection of missionaries involving them at various stages of the candidate process and partnering in missionary care.
Through networking with agencies and church partners, she seeks to create awareness of issues and needs missionary families have when raising children cross-culturally. In 2002, she was involved in setting up the Third Culture Kids Care Fellowship, a charity registered in Singapore, to provide boarding facilities for missionary children. Since 2005, she represents SIM on the Board of Trustees of Asia Education Resource Consortium (AERC) to explore further resources, expertise and assistance for the education of missionary children whose parents serve in Asia.
She was on the Steering Committee of IMKEC (Intermission MK Education Consultation) for 2010. A passionate advocate of missionary care for Asian missionaries, she continues to be an Associate of World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) Missions Commission on the board of Global Member Care Network. Belinda is now based in Singapore still serving as the Member Care and MK Education Consultant (Asia) as well as a member of the Asian Pastoral Care Team. She has completed the Core Coaching Skills Certificate Program and serves as coach to a number of missionaries.

Mike Parker
Mike is International Director of MECO, a family of people working in the Middle East. We aim to encourage local Christians, Churches and agencies in their witness to Christ, and to pass on the lessons they're learning under pressure.
With a background in industry, student ministry and church leadership, Mike has been exploring both Scripture and Islam since a gap year in Lebanon woke him up spiritually and gave him a lifelong interest in the region.
After leading a Church plant with Dennis Lennon in Edinburgh, Mike spent twelve years at St Thomas’s and three with Evangelical Alliance in Scotland. Mike & Helen joined MECO in 2006, travelling from Cyprus, and led English-speaking congregations at Cairo Cathedral from 2009-2013. They're now based in Edinburgh as they lead MECO.

Marina Prins
Marina Prins is co-founder of Member Care Southern Africa. Together with Braam Willemse, both are also the authors of the book: Member Care for Missionaries: A Practical Guide for Senders that was published in 2002. Braam Willemse passed away due to cancer shortly before the book was finalised. The book is used as workshop material when member care workshops are presented. The book is based on thorough research, practical experience gained from the presentation of workshops at sending churches as well as the practical field experience of both authors who served as missionaries in Malaŵi for some years. In Africa she networks with MANI (Movement for African National Initiatives) and develops material where the need arises. Internationally Marina Prins is part of the Global Member Care Network of the Mission Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance.

Dr. Roni Pruitt
Dr. Roni Pruitt has served in Member Care for 25 years. Out of her experience of missionary service for 15 years in Asia and Europe, flows a passion for missions and the care of missionaries who serve globally. Dual trained with a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and a Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies (candidate).
As Founder and Director of the first academic training program in Member Care, with programs in North America and Asia, she hope to bring academic excellence to the field of Member Care. Faculty of Columbia International University at the North America and German campus’ for 14 years; teaching in the Masters and Doctoral Program.
Roni is a member of the coordination team that directs the annual North American conference for Clinical Missionary Care Providers titled “Mental Health & Missions” and the WEA “Global Member Care Conference”.
How to enrich single servants has been one of her passions and points of research. Fourteen years ago she began the first renewal program for single missionaries, "Single Vision International", which is held annually in Europe and Asia.

Dr. Frauke Schaefer
Frauke Schaefer works with Barnabas International. As psychiatrist and counselor she works in private practice, provides consultations, and travels internationally for trainings and care of workers. As family physician from Germany in a leprosy hospital in Nepal from 1990-97 she discovered that living well in challenging environments requires additional spiritual, interpersonal, and physical habits. After her marriage with Charlie Schaefer (psychologist, also with BI) she trained in psychiatry in the US. There she had opportunities to do research about trauma and resilience in cross-cultural workers including the spiritual factors and practices that promote resilience and coping with traumatic events. Together with her husband Charlie she edited and co-authored the book “Trauma & Resilience” (www.traumaresilience.com). She is curious, loves cross-cultural living, running, swimming, gardening, singing, and laughing.

Dr. Keith Webb
Keith Webb helps ministry leaders multiply their impact. He is a Professional Certified Coach and President of Creative Results Management, which equips thousands of ministry leaders to effectively coach others. He lived and ministered in Japan, Indonesia and Singapore for more than 20 years. His books include: The COACH Model for Christian Leaders, Coaching in Asia, and Overcoming Spiritual Barriers in Japan. Keith is a frequent presenter on topics related to leadership effectiveness, cross-cultural leadership development, and coaching. Download his free resource guide: “50 Powerful Coaching Questions” from www.keithwebb.com.
His presentation is titled: "Essential Coaching Skills for Leading "Messy” Teams"

Other confirmed speakers are:
Dr Aswam, Anna Fischer, Glenn Goss, Frauke Schaeffer, Steph Kuhn, Adrienne Strengholt-Ester and more.....

This is conference is:

Organised by
the Global Member Care Network (GMCN)
In partnership with the Middle East Member Care Network (MEMC)

Endorsed and recommend by
•    World Evangelical Alliance - Mission Commission
•    Lausanne Movement
•    Religious Liberty Partnership
•    Refugee Highway Partnership
•    Ethnê to Ethnê Network

Other confirmed speakers are:
Dr Aswam, Anna Fischer, Glenn Goss, Frauke Schaeffer, Steph Kuhn, Adrienne Strengholt-Ester and more.....

This is conference is:

Organised by
the Global Member Care Network (GMCN)
In partnership with the Middle East Member Care Network (MEMC)

Endorsed and recommend by
•    World Evangelical Alliance - Mission Commission
•    Lausanne Movement
•    Religious Liberty Partnership
•    Refugee Highway Partnership
•    Ethnê to Ethnê Network

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